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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

63rd Annual Tony Awards

There are a few things Meghan wants to do before she leaves NYC and heads home. One of those is to attend the Tony Awards. She stood in line beginning at 2:30 AM to win a lottery and be one of the lucky ones. Well, she WAS one of the lucky 20+ people! Off she went with a couple of friends. She claims the show we see at home is much better. The Tony's actual last 4 hours; but we see only the last and supposedly most exciting two hours.

Later that evening Meg and friends attended the Hair party. A local BYU homegrown actor has the supporting lead role in that show. The party was held at Tavern on the Green--pretty mello for the musical Hair!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

It's a Job, but Somebody Has to Do It!

Recently Meghan has been real people casting for a new reality tv show. She found 30 hunky guys for the casting agency. The guys range from Investment Bankers to Fireman, even a few foreigners. She thought her job ended there. The production agency has now hired her on as a Production Assistant to babysit the "Talent"--which means she will be shuffling the 30 guys ranging from 25-35 in age to where ever they need to be, take care of their needs, "keep them in line." Hysterical!! Can you imagine her doing this?!! After the casting she had called home and said, "I don't care if I don't see another "beefy" man for quite awhile. I've been flirting straight for two days and am exhausted!" Now she has to take care of them. The show will air on Fine Living Network. She writes the new show is called:

"Love Taxi, in which a woman finds herself in a cab driven by a matchmaker who picks up guys (preplanted--the "Talent") she finds interesting. If things don’t click in the back seat, he gets dropped off and the search goes on. If the couple gets along, they go on a date, paid for by the show. The series is scheduled to launch in the first quarter of 2010.

Sounds hilarious... especially because I'll be there to nurse the rejects' egos back to health."

Ya, right! You know she will tell any whiner to just "buck it up." I am sure she will have stories to tell us all. Will keep you posted!

The Wing!!!

A few weeks ago mom, who has "eyes in the back of her head," discovered David must have bought a new paragliding wing. He had sold his first one to add money to his mission fund (hey, we all have to make sacrifices!). After much teasing, that mothers know everything, he finally fessed up and brought it home for us to see. Before David's mission, he spent a lot of time and disciplined himself to get certified. That was an accomplishment in iteself. Scott used to tell people, "we are going to the Point of the Mountain" to see our son today." He would wait for the person to react to his uncomfortable statement, sputter out a remark, then start to laugh and finish with "to see him paraglide...NOT the prison."

The blue wing is his new pride and joy. He picked it up for a great deal!--a little resourceful digging. There are bargains to be had during these times. He felt extremely blessed because it was the exact wing he wanted to be able to buy when he returned home from the mission.

Monday, April 13, 2009


So...have you ever been an empty nester with nobody around to celebrate Easter with you? Thanks to our wonderful neighbor's, the Otts, we got to enjoy Easter as is should be...surrounded by family and friends. What a blast! It was like being with my own crazy, fun family. What's more great than family, friends, good conversation, AND some great cuisine! Thanks, Ott Family!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Meghan is admitted to USC!!!

Today, I pulled up to get the mail and noticed a large envelope from USC...not one of those No. 10 envelopes that usually say, "I'm sorry...better luck next time." This one started off, "Congratulations! On behalf of the USC Annenberg faculty admission committee, I am pleased to offer you admission to the Master's degree program in Specialized Journalism (the Arts), commencing August, 2009." I quickly called Meg in NYC and told her the good news. She was in the Apple iPod store and screamed for joy. People in the store stopped and looked around as she just shouted, "Good news!" They all laughed! Shortly after receiving the news by mail, she received a call from one of the directors, Tim Page. That was again awesome! Last year there were only 10 specialized arts graduate students admitted into the program. Now she gets to join the "club."

We were sweating bullets. This is one of the top journalism schools in the nation; but our prayers were answered. We appreciate all the help Meghan received from family and colleagues in getting her materials ready for her application AND the prayers on her behalf. YOU all have been a blessing in her life! Thank you!

Congratulations, Meg!!! Let's celebrate!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

It's spring fever.
That is what the name of it is.
And when you've got it, you want - oh, you
don't quite know what it is you do want,
but it just fairly makes your heart
ache, you want it so!
~Mark Twain

Remembering Dad

In all of the hub-bub with Betty Stettler's funeral, I didn't take time to celebrate my father's life. He passed away two years ago on the 16th of March. We had a beautiful funeral, complete with pictures and a special documentary movie Meghan had put together on his life. It was quite a tribute. We celebrate his life with his words, "No matter how tall you grandfather is, you still have to do your own growing" as is illustrated in the poster created by one of Meghan's friends. We used this for the cover of his funeral program. Dad loved to ride horses. He and mother took them up to Logan canyon to ride each summer. Dad served our country in the airforce during the Korean War. He also served a mission for the LDS church in the southern states. We as a family, got to visit and meet some of the saints where he served. He raised us 7 children to be good, kind individuals. He always had a cheerful personality; which, fortunately, we all inherited.

One of the favorite memories of the grandchildren is that Grandpa would always tell stories he made up about Pinky the Dog. Pinky was a super hero that always showed up in the "nick of time" to save the day! Two of the grandchildren, immortalized Grandpa Ted's Pinky the Dog by creating one of the stories.

A Little Dance...featuring Troy and Meghan

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